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Acrylic nails are fake nails that you put on your real nails and can make your nails look longer and stronger. They are made from a liquid and a powder that become hard when […]

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Acrylic nails are artificial nail extensions that are made by mixing a liquid and a powder. The mixture forms a soft mixture that can be shaped and applied to your natural nails. Acrylic

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If you have fat fingers, you may be wondering which nail shape is best for you. Many factors can affect your nails looks, such as the length, width, color, and design of your

What nail shape is best for fat fingers

Polished nails are a type of nail design creation that uses a powder and a glue-like liquid to create a strong and long-lasting manicure. However, like any other nail service, polished nails will

What to do when dip nails grow out

The most important thing to consider when choosing what to wear to a nail salon is    safety and peace of mind. You want to wear something that lets you move your feet and

What to Wear To Nail Salon